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Cover Sheets

One of the most unique challenges that router operators face is the challenge of routing small and/or narrow parts.  The limited surface area of these parts makes it difficult to create an adequate vacuum area.  So in order maximize the surface are of small and narrow parts, All*Star has created the cover gasketing.

Cover gasketing is sheet material that customers use to cover their spoilboard.  They can then route directly through the material to create a custom gasket for themselves.  The outer edge of the gasketing is produced when creating the tool path that is used for the part.  The inner edge of the gasketing  


  •     The entire spoilboard is covered with the sheet of adhesive coated sealant.
  •     Run tooling program through sheet of gasketing into the spoilboard.
  •     Run an offset tool program to the inside of the tool path.
  •     Remove the inside cut, creating a perfect gasketing shape for the part.
  •     When the vacuum is engaged, the sheet will compress and lock in the vacuum seal.



  •     Maximizes the limited surface area
  •     Different thicknesses available to adjust to different substrates variances
  •     No need for vacuum channels as gasketing creates “pocketed” area
  •     Quick set up by utilizing the pre-existing tool program
  •     Thin sealant is applied by hand directly to the surface of spoilboard just to the inside of the tool path.
  •     A vacuum source hole is needed to the interior of the gasket wall.
  •     When the vacuum is engaged the foam will conform to the substrate and lock in the vacuum seal.