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All*Star considers “Grid Gasketing” and “Pod Gasketing” as products that do not have an adhesive.  When possible, we would prefer that our customers do not use adhesive backed products in the channels of their grid tables and pods.  The reason is that when it comes time to replace the gasketing we don’t want to not leave behind any adhesive residue that an adhesive back may produce.  Since a spoilboard is most likely to be on top of the table, there is not as much concern about the gasket popping out of the channel.

The proper size grid/pod gasket for a customer is determined by the channel size of the router.  We try and fit the width of the channel nice and snug width-wise, and then stick about the surface of the channel by roughly 1/16”.

It is time to replace grid gasketing when the gasket material starts to wear-down and become flush with the channel depth.  Because we are relying on the gasketing that is above the channel to create the vacuum seal, have nothing about the channel depth is like having no gasketing at all.

If the gasketing is wearing out quicker than you would like (staying flush with the channel or seems to be cracking/tearing) you can increase the density of the gasketing as to add more rigidity.