All*Star Adhesive Products stands behind every product that we offer.  We are confident that our line of specialty items will include the right products for each of our customers.  The tricky part is determining which product is the ever-expanding product group is the right item for a particular application.  If an item does not work perform as well as you would hope, please let us know and we will work with you in getting the proper product in its place.  We target our support and service in a variety of ways:


Owners and operators of CNC routers can call us with their application to help determine which item would work best.  We would like to hear which type of router you have, what type of material(s) you are working with on your router, how long or short your runs are and how big or small your parts are.


We work directly with some of the largest router manufacturers in the industry in order to both better understand their particular machines as well as help their customers get peak efficiency out of their machines.  We welcome calls from router manufacturers, whom we consider our partners, to address unique challenges that present themselves.


We work with many of the local router distributors and technicians throughout the country to help solve customers’ needs.  Many have set-up distribution and drop ship agreements with us to help expand their business offerings.  We want to help distributors and technicians help their customers.