All*Star Adhesive Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business.  We are in business to help our customers with products and ideas that will help them to succeed in their industry.  We have been able to provide fabricators with materials that have helped them to improve production.  We have helped graphic shops by providing supplies at lower costs.  And we have presented all of our customers with ideas and concepts that help to create value.

John Murphy created All*Star Adhesive Products in 1993 following over thirty years of experience in the pressure sensitive industry. He applies his vast knowledge of adhesive coated products to attract and find new business opportunities and products. He is currently working extremely hard to help shape and refine the v-groove tape product line to fit specific needs and surfaces of Solid Surface Fabricators.

All*Star Adhesive Products is located at 30 Cutler Street in Warren, RI.  30 Cutler Street is an old New England mill building that has been restored and now is the home to over 30 unique business, including those specializing in fine jewelry, custom furniture, children’s toys, photography, web site development, yoga, sign making, silk screening, ceramics textiles and more.  It is a valuable place to have a business due to the exchange of ideas and resources from talented individuals.